Internal Audit Services & Processes

Why Do You Need an Internal Audit?

Have you been asking yourself, “Where is my money going?” Or are you getting new business but not seeing an increase in profits? If yes, call the professionals at Ellen R Shaffer CPA, LLC today!

Let us help you handle your needs with our reliable internal audit services. You can also count on us for your bookkeeping and accounting. Call us for a 1-hour FREE initial consultation.
Audit service

Are You Asking Yourself These Questions?

  • Have you been asking yourself “Where is my money going?”
  • Are you getting new business but not seeing an increase in profits?
  • Does your Bookkeeper live a “lavish lifestyle?”
  • Are you unsure of what controls you have in place?
  • Does the same employee make the bank deposit, write the checks, and reconcile the bank statement?
If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", you're in the market for a top-to-bottom audit.
Audit service

Our "Top to Bottom" Internal Audit

  • Designed for small to medium-sized businesses
  • Document and review all your processes and procedures
  • “Brainstorm” your business risks to identify what needs to be controlled
  • Identify the controls that you already have in place and strengthen them
  • Recommend new controls that are needed
  • Analyze your accounting data to look for “Red Flags” which might be indicators of fraud
FREE initial consultation
call us at 512-507-0062.
Our top-to-bottom audit starts at $1,100, and our price for an individual process is $500. Call Ellen R Shaffer for more details on pricing.
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